Animal Communication

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Each session is 50 min. to an hour long.

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4 reviews for Animal Communication

  1. Janet Whitton (verified owner)

    Claudia is a gifted communicator! She has helped guide us to better health and harmony several times now. Our pack is very greatful ?

  2. Irene Coermann (verified owner)

    Claudia has made a big difference in my horse’s well being and understanding of what he can do to help himself. Her help was invaluable and I will use her again. She is the best communicator I have used so far!

  3. J R Ristorcelli (verified owner)

    At this time I have had three session for my two cats on behavioral issues and general check ins. It is uncanny how after each session there are changes in behavior of the cats and importantly — consistent with the subject of the session. As a side benefit, importantly for me, the insight into cat psychology has taught me better developmental strategies for optimizing cat relations.

  4. Tiffany Lauer

    Claudia is so special and I am thankful she is willing to share her unique ability to help our furr-babies. I have consulted with her multiple times and she has been very helpful with my dogs and cat. She has helped me gain an understanding of what was going on with them, and I was able to convey my thoughts back to the animals. I highly recommend visiting with her!

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