FAQ regarding Animal Communication

What actually is animal communication?

It is a direct communication between you and your pet. I merely function as the translator or linguist and you and your pet are having a conversation back and forth. Animals communicate through pictures, feelings, emotions and a Universal language of love that can be understood in any human language.

What issues can we address with animal communication?

  • Health and wellness
  • Behavioral issues
  • Relationship issues towards other animals or people
  • Preference of diet
  • Anxiety and stress issues
  • What work, career or discipline would they prefer
  • Change of residency or owner – what would they like to see for themselves
  • Life mission or purpose
  • Is your pet coming back to you after they have transitioned? How will you recognize them?
  • Lost animals
  • Last wishes
  • Euthanasia or not? Preparation for transitioning. Do they know where they are going and how the journey across the rainbow bridge looks like?
  • Previous life of rescue animals
  • How do they see your relationships, work, health, marriage, etc.
  • The list is endless. Imagine you are sitting down with a good friend and talk. What would you like to know? I have made the experience that it is helpful if you put your list together before you enter into the session.

Do I need to bring my pet to you, or can you talk to him on the phone?

Neither.  All I need is a picture or two, ideally have the pets name, address, age, how long you have had the pet, a very brief history of the issue we are addressing. I connect then via my third eye to your animal and once connection is established we validate that we are actually talking to your pet and then you can ask questions and relay messages.

Why do I have to be the owner or guardian of a pet I want to talk to?

One reason is that there are laws in place that actually prevent us legally (and ethically) to talk to animals that we don’t have permission to talk to. Another reason is that if we cannot influence or change a situation for the animal it is not fair to them to ask them to open their heart and soul to us just for us to know but not to be able to help or change anything for them.

How many animals can we talk to in one session?

One. I like to give animals the chance to express themselves. Imagine they might have waited all their life to be heard and understood and are finally given a chance to.

Can we talk to my animal who has transitioned?

Absolutely, yes. I would ask to give the animal several days after they have transitioned for their soul to settle on the other side. After that yes, we can absolutely talk to your animal.