M3 – Medical Master Mind©

Healing Program M3 – Medical Master Mind©, which was received and created in collaboration with the Ascended Masters.

M3 is a program and team that focuses on creating your higher frequency support to help with any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issue and can be applied by the team over long distance through the principles of quantum healing.

The team consists of Ascended Beings who have suggested my cooperation in working with them to assist this type of healing for people and animals around the globe.

The program requires your commitment of participation to work with the team and journal your findings, experiences, questions and observations about improvements or changes about your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

Frequency of sessions depends on your state of being and the seriousness of your illness. The duration of the first session will take 60 minutes, the following sessions require for you to journal questions and insights before and after.

Noticeable results can be expected within the session to 24 hours after the session and are still ongoing after this time frame. Please notice that changes can be subtle since they occur in your energy field and it can take a bit more time to see noticeable physical changes.

Through the interactive connection you and I will have, through the specific journal you will share with me and the M3 team, through private email or through a one and one call when needed, you will receive the insights received from the energy you share. Through the process you and I will be receiving Ascended Master Messages, I will help you to interpret and apply the wisdom in all areas of your life: from relationships, nutrition, health, etc. The program also includes, when needed, different quantum healing support tools modalities.

The advantage is these treatments have NO side effects except for you to feel at your best!

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Here is an experience…

Claudia treated me during the last past months in different sessions with great succes. The meniscus of my right knee was partly torn and gave me so much pain that even considered an operation. Claudia managed to heal this within 3 month to a point where I can run without any pain again. Also my second problem, a pain under the right shoulder is completely gone. But not only my direct pain is gone, my overall wellness and being in the world has improved a lot. I receive incredibly helpful advice and messages during her session that are life-changing, my life goals are much more clear. She is magic!
Felix Salut

It all started in early December 2013. I found out my mom had bone cancer in her right shoulder and several spots on her lungs. Bone cancer is extremely painful. My mom has a high pain tolerance, but found the pain excruciating. At that time she was not able to care for herself or to be alone. My mom was on the following pain medications: morphine three times a day, 2 percocet every 4 hours and tramadol twice a day for pain. Claudia concentrated on the pain in my moms right shoulder. After Claudia’s first two sessions with my mom her pain was decreased; she was still on the morphine three times a day and the percocet only when needed and no tramadol. (She didn’t need the percocet often). Mom had surgery on her right arm as the cancer had fractured the bone. Surgeons put a rod into her humerus. Pain meds after surgery and after her 3rd session with Claudia were decreased again. Continued on the morphine tree times a day and only Extra strength tylenol for additional pain! Since her 4th session with Claudia she is only taking extra strength tylonol as needed for pain. During the time after her surgery, she was (is)having physical therapy sessions and taking only the tylenol! AND she is about to come HOME! Peggy Frey.

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