Animal Communication

“My heart horse, Image, had started colicking every time he ate or drank – he’d be in so much pain that he’d lie down and roll in pain for hours. Over the course of 5 days, I’d had 4 different vets out and nobody could figure out what was wrong with him. On the 5th day, the vet told me that if he wasn’t better within 24 hours that I would have to highly consider putting him down. I called Claudia who connected with Image and was able to communicate with me what was wrong with him – ulcers (Add from Claudia: I do not diagnose but described the symptoms and feeling in my own stomach that Image let me feel.). I called the vet out the next day who tested him for ulcers and he was positive; they prescribed him ulcer medicine and he was better within hours.

A few months after the incident with Image, one of my cats passed away unexpectedly overnight. She was healthy and not elderly, and I was left heartbroken and confused. Claudia connected with her and was able to get me closure on what had happened.

A couple years later, I was having some issues with another one of my cats, Muffin, peeing in my shoes. Claudia told me that he was upset that I’d come home from work and then leave again right away, and he thought that if he peed in my shoes I couldn’t go anywhere. She had a little talk with him that he couldn’t do that anymore, and much to Muffin’s dismay, my shoes are now pee free!” ~ Shana

“Claudia has helped several of my pets over the years with various behavior and medical issues. In the beginning I could hardly believe as she described my house from the outside as well as every room inside accurately and precisely as it was. Now I have gotten used to the fact that esp. one of my dogs is really proud of our house and likes to share it with her and obviously Claudia has the gift to see and communicate these kind of details. She always explains to me why she is getting details and validations and these kind of confirmations which is for me to know we are talking to the right dog in my household. I so appreciate her dedication to accuracy. It has given me tremendous confidence in what she is translating back from all of my pets, cats and dogs alike. She is the real deal. Thank you Claudia for all your help with so many of my furry friends.” ~ Tamara

“Claudia has helped me speak with many of my animals over the years. When I lost my childhood horse, the session after he passed on gave me incredible peace and the closure I needed to cope with the grief. When he came back into my life a couple years later as another horse, as he promised he would, Claudia helped me to know it was him and that confirmation has brought such joy. When I flew across the country to find my cat that had run away from a friend’s house, Claudia was with me every step of the way. Everyone said I was crazy…but we found her and brought her home safe and sound. Beyond that there have been countless sessions with those animals and others, and each one has been unique and eye opening. Some people only talk to their animals when there’s a problem, when they’re sick or lost or dying. But I have learned how amazing it is to talk to them just to have an even deeper relationship, to understand their wants and needs and to learn the little things that are so easy to overlook. The thing about animal communication that isn’t obvious until you’ve experienced it is that it’s incredibly healing for both you and your animal. Our relationships with our animals are so special, and often they want to tell us things that help heal parts of ourselves we might not have even known needed healing. And the truly exceptional thing about Claudia is that beyond her excellence as an animal communicator, she has the biggest heart and the ability to deliver all kinds of messages, some very difficult and emotional, with tremendous grace and compassion.” ~ Bree

“I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Claudia as both a friend and animal communicator over the past few years. She helped me and my dogs and cats regarding some health issues and even assisted me with purchasing a beautiful new horse! The information I got from her was invaluable. Claudia has an amazing gift of communicating with animals. Not only does she have a true love of all animals, she is an extremely warm, friendly and compassionate person who truly cares about helping the animals and their guardians. I cannot say enough great things or recommend Claudia highly enough! You will be amazed at what the animals tell her!” ~ Chris

“I was first introduced to Claudia by a friend who was helping me with my horse. My horse was having some health and behavior problems. I tried everything I could think of. There were a lot of vet calls, medications, and needless to say, a lot of money. I then heard about Claudia and how she helped so many people with their pets, all pets including horses. So I called her on the phone and we talked a lot about my horse. All she asked me for was a picture of my horse. She told me so many things I did not know about her and suggested that I try some different methods based on her knowledge and her intuitive ability! My mare has responded and I have a better understanding of her total personality. She has had a 180 degree turn around. I have talked to Claudia again, and every time I ask a question I apply her suggestions, and it always, always works! She has become a great friend to me and my mare! I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and her amazing talent. I highly recommend Claudia to anyone who wants to have an amazing connection with their pets! Thank you my dear friend Claudia Mardel!” ~ Sue

“Claudia has helped my horse and me numerous times when my horse was very stressed and she opened another line of communication between us. Claudia is a very talented communicator and has transformed our relationship. She has provided me with insight into his thinking which helped me understand some of his behaviors. And he truly appreciates being heard! Claudia is part of my care team for my horse.” ~ Irene

Healing Sessions

M3 – Medical Master Mind session….
I’m Felix, Claudias brother. Claudia treated me during the last past months in different sessions with great succes. The meniscus of my right knee was partly torn and gave me so much pain that even considered an operation. Claudia managed to heal this within 3 month to a point where I can run without any pain again. Also my second problem, a pain under the right shoulder is completely gone. But not only my direct pain is gone, my overall wellness and being in the world has improved a lot. I receive incredibly helpful advice and messages during her session that are life-changing, my life goals are much more clear. She is magic!
Felix Salut

Dear Claudia, thank you with gratitude for the Grief Healing session. Since my little dog Max passed away over 2 years ago I noticed that grief was still present as heaviness in my heart. The session, which enabled clear communication with Max, validation of the strong connection and love between him and me I feel in the present since he left, and receiving the specific messages, turned the spot of sadness I kept inside into joy and even more love for this amazing being Max than before. My other dog, Joy, was laying all the time on my feet during the session. Thank you Claudia for being the loving bridge in this experience which I am convinced can only be done by a loving and highly conscious animal lover such as you are. With love, Sylvia

Dear Claudia, As we began the session I felt I was in safe hands and could open myself completely without any hesitation and with complete trust. As the session proceeded your guidance was impeccable and the questions that you asked and messages that you gave to me were very timely and accurate.Throughout the session I remained connected with you.
And, energy healing and clearing was intense as I could sense it all over my body.Your session helped me to recognize what I always knew in my heart and to follow it.
Thank You Claudia for helping me to rediscover myself through your session.Much Love and Light.
P.S. From yesterday after the session I also felt the need to eat sweet almost craving for it.Perhaps, so that my light body can balance itself through my physical body.So, I went and purchased chocolate and some Indian sweets :))

I had four DNA activation sessions with Claudia. In our first meeting via Skype we had a conversation about my goals and dreams, and things that could bother me, stand in my way or affect me in any negative way.
We then fixed appointments for clearings. I always felt Claudia’s presence but I never could say exactly what the treatment exactly influenced or was about. The next day after the first session I felt slightly sick and had an enormous need to drink water.

It had similiar experiences with session number 2 and 3. I always felt Claudia’s presence, but could never exactly
pinpoint what the session was about, and felt physically slightly exhausted the next day.
In all sessions I dreamt a lot about things that really had bothered me in the past.
The effect of the sessions manifested slowly, and step by step. A felt a big change some months
after the session – like a seed that is planted in the ground.
I really want to credit Claudia for her sessions. They simply changed my life. I have much more energy to tackle
problems and challenges, live much more healthy, follow my dreams and keep them right next to my heart.
Thank you, Claudia!


Liebe Claudia,
danke ganz herzlich für all Deine Sitzungen. Ich habe mich voll und ganz Dir anvertraut, meine geschlossenen Augen haben mich gänzlich mit Dir verbunden. Absolute Ruhe ist in mir eingekehrt und mein Zeitgefühl verschwunden. Als ich wegen TGA in Österreich im Krankenhaus lag, und Du per Telefon mir versichert hast, dass Du mit mir eine Heilsession gestaltest, wurde es mir so warm ums Herz. Ich verlor die Angst, ganz allein im Krankenhaus zu sein, weit weg von meiner Gruppe ohne  Ausweis, Geld und handy, und fühlte mich danach wieder stark und voller Zuversicht. Wenn ich wieder einmal voller Sorgen bin, wende ich mich gerne an Dich. Ich kann Dich mit gutem Gewissen weiterempfehlen. Deine Mama

My sessions with Claudia reveal improvements in my life that are most evidently connected to her work.  A person like me is someone who will scientifically and purposefully solve problems through persistence and an undying work ethic.  When every possible angle is attempted, and little progress made, certainly any breakthrough would be significant.  I can say that Claudia’s sessions coincide with changes I haven’t been able to make of my own free will with nearly as much headway.  I have always believed in the unbelievable so I guess trying this out was easy for me, especially because I met Claudia while caring for horses (or letting horses care for me might be more accurate) as a volunteer and was not looking for an experience of this kind.  While I do consider myself very optimistic, spiritual, religious, however you wish to define it, something this unique would likely not have crossed my path had I not run across Claudia by chance (or destiny?)  She is someone I instantly liked and knew would be important for me.  Yet it was years later and really after not maintaining frequent contact with her, that I took a chance on a session.  After the first one I waited quite awhile before the second.  The first one made a huge impact.  I just felt good. I know that is vague, but I did know I was glad I did it.  At the time I had been watching several people suffer tremendously without being able to help those people.  I found those personal relationships to be very difficult to manage.  After the session,  those feelings simply disappeared for me and I mean, immediately and effortlessly. I could finally accept that it wasn’t my purpose to end their suffering, that I would be able to have another purpose as in this context I simply could do no more.  Afterwards, these people, all of whom were sick, some of whom still are, are still in my life, but I am not strained by the complexity of their life journeys. …Eventually I just knew it was time to keep on doing this.  I know at first it also was a way for me to support Claudia in her spiritual education as this was something that mattered tremendously to her. I love people who are passionate about a purpose and who want to love humanity.  For some people it’s about buying girl scout cookies or tithing at church on Sundays.  For me it is about the person, the purpose, and a feeling I have about the meaningfulness of the situation at the time.  Essentially, it is the person, not the act that influences my choices.  So, here you are, reader, and you don’t know me at all.  Yours is a bigger step.  A greater leap of faith.  Well, I can tell you only good things will happen.  I can tell you it will be one of those things that you have been working on for awhile that will resolve itself.  I can tell you you’ll be glad you did it.  But the choice is up to you.  Writing a testimonial is a big deal.  Putting part of my story on the internet with my name by it is something I have to feel very confident about.  Perhaps that statement alone will mean something to you.  I hope it does.  You deserve peace, happiness, and a way out of the darkness, be it big or small in your life.   This is a gift.  I hope you let my friend Claudia take away what never should have been there in the first place.  I think you’ll enjoy it!!  Bambi

Dear Claudia, Thank you for the eye opening session – thank you for sharing your wisdom.
I feel blessed!
Life is simple and in a way very clear, but sometimes we get lost.
It is important to stop and break through the patterns and look at it from a different perspective.
Thank you for helping me out on my personal journey Claudia.
You opened the door for me by pointing out what was holding me back.
I can recommend to every one a session with Claudia for answers to unclear situations in their life.
If you feel stuck or you struggle, just stop – take an eye opening experience with Claudia.
You will see the big picture that will be presented in a very professional and clear way.
Chantal Pawelec [Belgium]

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