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  1. I called the main number a bit late last week and reached a VM, but I did not want to leave a long message. I wasnt sure if I have the best number, so I figured the site is the next best method of contact.

    I am a journalist with US News & Business Report, and I would like to speak in reference to a piece I am writing: Working Title: “The Stories of Local Businesses”.

    To be extremely clear, this is not a solicitation of any type. We sell no product or service whatsoever to the public. This is a news piece. If you are not already familiar with our firm, feel free to visit>

    Basically, we would like to hear about your origin story, experiences, opinions on different aspects of business, and the effects the pandemic may have had on your business, anything you feel might be pertinent.
    Though it is a fairly straightforward project, it became an interesting series of ongoing “stand-alone” fact based articles that we have been writing throughout the pandemic for local papers and news outlets.

    Happy to send a detailed overview or we can just set up an informal prelim calll.
    (this is my phone email, feel free to email me at my main email below)

    David Allen
    USNews&Business Report

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