Equine Assisted Grief Transformation

Our herd of horses is available to assist you through your transformation process. We use a protocol given by the Ascended Masters to help you process your grief and move towards healing trauma, sadness and loss, and becoming whole again.

At the moment of death of a loved one – this may be a person close to you or an animal who is dear to your heart – it may even be a lost dream or the lost sense of self – we are going through trauma. This means part of our soul gets fragmented and we are feeling like part of us got lost in the process of losing a loved one, our partner, a child, a good friend, our pet. Our goal is to become whole again and recover the missing pieces of our soul.

Horses have the amazing ability to be a bridge between the worlds and help to facilitate our healing. It is not necessary for you to be familiar with horses as the process can but does not necessarily require the immediate contact to the horse. This healing can be transmitted from a distance through the connection of the horse to you. All you are required to do is to be open to receiving healing from the horse that is forming a connection with you.

This program is available we do in 1 hours sessions whenever you choose.

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