Animal Communication And Long Distance Healing For Animals

We all love our animals! I offer different sessions to support you and your animal to find a common understanding and assist their healing via long distance sessions.

Animal Communication:

Communicating with your animal can help you to find out how your pet is doing, if they have any requests for their health and well-being, or if there are behavioral issues we might be able to change by getting clarity on what is going on and find compromises or change the behavior all together.

Sometimes your animals have advise for you and your health and well being, some have a last wish before they transition into another world. It is amazing how specific they can be and how they know things about themselves and their health and also about you and your projects, health and relationships and how they can give us advise which is like talking to some Master Healer or Counselor.

What issues can we address with animal communication?

  • Health and wellness
  • Behavioral issues
  • Relationship issues towards other animals or people
  • Preference of diet
  • Anxiety and stress issues
  • What work, career or discipline would they prefer
  • Change of residency or owner – what would they like to see for themselves
  • Life mission or purpose
  • Is your pet coming back to you after they have transitioned? How will you recognize them?
  • Lost animals
  • Last wishes
  • Euthanasia or not? Preparation for transitioning. Do they know where they are going and how the journey across the rainbow bridge looks like?
  • Previous life of rescue animals
  • How do they see your relationships, work, health, marriage, etc.
  • The list is endless. Imagine you are sitting down with a good friend and talk. What would you like to know? I have made the experience that it is helpful if you put your list together before you enter into the session.

Sessions are typically 50 minutes to an hour long. Fee is $111.

Once the session is purchased, we find a time that works for you. You can email me at or call or text me at 505-554-6115. Under “before-the-session” you can find what information I will need from you and what might be helpful for you before we communicate.

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I work with sacred codes for the healing of the animals – if I feel that the animal’s well being is connected with you which it more often is than not – I include you and your healing in the session as well. This is very powerful work. Sessions take an hour.

I have developed a healing program where I work with Medical Master Mind, a team of  Ascended Masters. It is a protocol that requires connecting with a medical team of the Ascended Masters and other Nature Spirits and the animal – I do my work of healing here and they help with other treatments from other realms. Together we are an all encompassing team that works on all different levels and includes the physical,emotional, mental and spiritual. I do this work long distance or when you are present if you are close by – it is not necessary for you to be be at my location though.  Sometimes changes occur right away, sometimes anywhere within a period of 24 hours.

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