Horse Program – Set Your Boundaries

Partnering with horses as your teachers. – Learn to set your boundaries

On request as private student – we tailor it exactly to YOUR needs in a timeframe that works for you.

It is a program for humans, especially women who have forgotten, lost or never discovered how to establish boundaries from a place of moral and personal certainty. A program facilitated and supported by the unique ability of the horse to connect and respond energetically to human thought and energetic, emotional communication.

This program is usually a three day program that is designed to guide you in the most gentle way to an understanding of energy and how it is not necessary to raise your voice or defend yourself to set boundaries but to energetically transmit where your boundaries are and how to energetically explain to those around you not to cross them.

• You will learn about horse language
• You will be guided by questions of how you do certain things to explore what it is you actually transmit – first on paper – then with the horse where you will learn how to change your habitual patterns
• You will go deeper into your own journey of awareness and accessing a part within yourself that knows the answers

Each day will have meditation, some awareness exercises, being with the horses and exploring your relationship with them, guided exercises that will teach you to set boundaries and communicate without using words or force.

Please email me. Thank you.