My book – Where The Desert Meets The Cedar

My journey through life 🙂

Join in the remarkable and inspiring journey of a young woman jumping off the cliff, overcoming her own fears, and leaving behind the country she called home for 25 years to explore new horizons, cultures and people and delving into a journey of healing and spiritual depth that led her to uncover more and more of her personal and objective truth by following her hearth’s desire and her passion for horses. Exploring the way of the horse has helped her to establish boundaries, become a leader in empowering one’s self, assist people in helping themselves through the horse. When her husband passes away, she drew inward to explore the spiritual realms even more deeply than before, being guided on another amazing journey exploring the inner world an toothed realms, ultimately realizing that there is no death and that death means just a change in for. This inward journey compliments her outer world and reveals her life mission, in which she chooses to give up everything in order to follow her deeper calling.

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The Great Mother Speaks reminds of who we really are, and to what we owe our existence. It is also a powerful call to “step up and be a voice for change.” Its a call for us, as Gandhi said, to “be the change we want to see.” – Dan Brulé, world renowned breath master and author of Breathe New Life Into Your Business, Shut Up and Breathe.

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