Memorable Stories

Birthday Party

Just for fun another animal communication share because I am still giggling this morning about this cat…

So I talked to a beautiful very impressive Maincoon cat yesterday. The issue of the session was in his words: he got “smothered by the love” of a four year old girl and because he didn’t want to hurt her he chooses to run away which really disappoints her. He showed himself swiping at her every once in a great while with retracted claws to get his point across.

So you must know that I don’t ask for details before the session at all because I want the person to be able to validate that what I am translating wasn’t established by what they have told me before but came through the direct communication with the animal during our session.

So the cat adores both girls and that adoration and deep love goes both ways. He showed the girls with red and pink dresses that had ruffles at the bottom. He went into detail about the house etc. Then he said there was a party coming up and he showed me the picture of paper cats and that the party was for him. He said six to seven girls were invited and he showed me all of them sitting quietly cross legged on the floor so that he would participate. He had let me hear the high pitched screams of a bunch of girls and basically said in that case he’d hide… I translated all this to the mother who said: wow. Yes, that’s all correct. Though the party is a birthday party for the four year old girl and yes they had cut out about a hundred paper cats just yesterday and put them all around the house because the girl wanted her birthday party to be themed “cat”.
Well, I said, close enough he thinks the party is for him and it kind of is!

Of course, we talked about other things but that was the funniest part of the conversation and just so adorable. To feel the deep love between these beings was just amazing!


Not A City Dog

Ayyyyy! Not a city dog he said immediately with a city address I might add but he didn’t grow up in the city he said. He showed me green and trees and parks and water… That will be an interesting communication I thought.

And what a happy little camper with playful attitude and clarity of what he was willing and not willing to do. Heart refreshing I might say! What an honor to talk to this little guy but too personal to share beyond this point. Just really grateful for these beings to be part of my life ❤️.


I’d like to come back

Today I had one of those magical moments in an animal communications session…

The woman had tried to get in with me on Saturday but couldn’t and of course she couldn’t because today was her birthday and she wanted to connect with her dog who had passed years ago and she was in for a surprise!

Not only gave her dog timelines of how old she was when certain life events happened but she continued on to make the woman aware of choices she had to make that were right around the corner (which was true). She even gave timeframes for this. She showed me three branches, two main ones and one connected to another that related to career and health as the connected branch and another one which was relationship. She gave the statement that paperwork needed to be in order before changes could be made. (And this was not what i thought it might be and she made this clear). She gave a plan on how this career change could happen and how to go about it. I mean seriously!?? The woman could totally relate to all of it.

Then the woman asked to give a message and said that she was still talking to her dog after passing over a decade ago. I relayed the message and she came back with showing me the house they had lived in together, showing me the desk the woman works on with an overview of the yard, the kitchen and her favorite spot she liked to be.

And she said she’d like to come back when the woman has all these things sorted out, again she gave a timeframe and a description of how she will look like and what her name was going to be. She said the woman fostered dogs – she showed pics – and she will come in as a foster. (You have to know that in the last decade she has fostered many but not had her own dog since she lost this one and again I didn’t know this before.)

I mean OMG right?? I cried, I laughed and I just couldn’t believe how clear this dog was on all these things. Wow. I am grateful I was able to bring healing through translation and open so many doors all by listening.

Sometimes days are hard when we have to let go of our loved ones, when we are searching for the missing ones and such but today was one of these WOW ones. In gratitude. ❤️


Lost For 18 Months

Wow, I had a more intense animal communication session today. The cat had been lost for 18 months and had been found online by the husband stationed abroad a year ago. Tears were shed as the cat who had been gone for 18 months said, he felt hurt because the woman had given up on him. We explained that she thought someone else had taken him in because he was so special or something might have happened to him, that she loved him dearly and would always take care of him. Lots of healing within this session by clearing up misunderstandings and hearing each other out, learning about different perspectives and making amends.

Phew! Emotional!!! I love what I do!…