Change Your Life

Easier said than done! Or is it??

Everything is frequency.

By changing your frequency, your thoughts, your beliefs you are changing what you attract, what you allow into your field, what you manifest. It is actually that simple.

So maybe you are wondering why and how would I help you with this, right? Well, in the beginning it is not that easy to just change your beliefs and your frequency in my experience. But if you can anchor your new experiences with some help and start believing you actually can – it becomes easier and easier. This is where I love to help!

Yes, there is work to be done on your part. You cannot expect results only by me working on you – except if we are doing a healing session – but I can help you with this initially. This is why I like to do Clearing sessions – and I am happy to do this for your home also – and give your energy field a light frequency boost so to speak. All is done with love, highest intentions for your well being and honoring you and your soul in a very sacred way.

The sessions take between one hour. I would ask you to relax wherever most comfortable for you and open yourself up to receiving these healing and clearing energies. This is extremely powerful work and you might feel a difference immediately or integrate the session within a few days but even for weeks and months after. Therefore it is best to schedule the sessions about a week apart.

Please note that it is best not to take any medications, drugs or alcohol as you would not feel the difference in your state of being. I have to state that this is not replacing medical treatment you might need for certain conditions.

However I will say that anything that manifests in our physical body is first present in our spiritual and emotional body before it manifests – the reverse is also true. If we clear from the spiritual level of all 15 levels of awareness it might take a bit of time – or not – but it will manifest as clearing in the emotional and physical body.

We can do these sessions remotely meaning you can be anywhere in the world to receive these sessions. We also have the possibility to connect via Skype or phone or just through our spirit and soul connection.


I work with sacred codes for the healing of people and animals. This is very powerful work. Sessions take an hour.

I have developed a healing program where I work with a Medical Master Mind, a team of  Ascended Masters. It is a protocol that requires connecting with a medical team of the Ascended Masters and other Nature Spirits and the animal or person – I do my work of healing here and they help with other treatments from other realms. Together we are an all encompassing team that works on all different levels and includes the physical,emotional, mental and spiritual. I do this work long distance or when you are present if you are close by – it is not necessary for you to be be at my location though.  Sometimes changes occur right away, sometimes anywhere within a period of 24 hours.

Fee is $165

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