Podcast with Lori Shayew, founder of The Gifts of Autism TODAY! JAN. 2, 2015

I was invited by Lori Shayew, founder of the The Gifts Of Autism, to share my story. The podcast will focus on the skills of non-verbal communication. Children who are considered to be on the spectrum of Autism have something in common with how animals communicate and in fact the Intelligent Space, the Akashic Records all communicate through pictures. I will share my journey of how my mare, Shebrah taught me to sink into the space in my heart where I could receive these pictures and communicate with herand all animals and then later learned to translate the communication of the Intelligent Field and many other life forms.



This is what Lori shares about me:

Friday’s Guest on “Giving a Voice to the Gift Beyond the Label is Claudia Mardel, founder of Radiant Soul Sanctuary. She is a multi-dimensional communicator and intuitive. Also a Horse Whisperer. She thinks in pictures and has many keys and insights on how to communicate telepathically and with those who are non-verbal (as we know it) Claudia is going to share her story after she was kicked in the face by a mule. (absolutely life-transforming) This podcast is going to be full of insights and A-Ha moments! Join us on Friday at 1pm PST. First Show of the New Year!! Woo Hoo!!

See you on FRIDAY, January 2, 2015 at 1pm PST, (2 pm MT, 3pm CST, 4pm EST, etc) Tel.:  712-775-7085, Access Code 456246#

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